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Gender Male Willis
Origin: English Meaning: Resolute protector; will. Surname.
Origin: German Meaning: Resolute protector; will. Surname.

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WillisAccording to numerology, Willis is associated with the number 3. The number of personality 3 defines a key feature of a person's character, as confidence in his exclusivity. Of course, there are certain reasons for this. "Three" is distinguished by genuine gaiety of character, openness, contact, and, as a rule, a lot of various talents with which she likes to flash at every opportunity. And all this is completely disinterested, just for the sake of satisfaction.

Character of People with Personality Number 3

However, this is where the problem lies. As soon as the "three" understands that you will not be fed up alone with delights, it becomes the position of a person to whom the world must provide everything necessary for life on demand. And sincerely surprised when nothing like this happens. Empty expectations cause frustration, and it, in turn, leads to irreversible changes in external manifestations. In just a few years, a man of "three" can lose bright plumage, turning first into a pesky whiner, and then into an evil misanthrope, offended by all humanity.

The Fate of Person with Personality Number 3

The number of personality 3 in numerology is a manner of behavior aimed at realizing the rich inner potential. And self-realization should involve a certain gradualness, a reasonable sequence of actions and results. The personality number 3 lacks an understanding of this simple pattern. She needs a "fee forward" for everything she intends to offer. When her unreasonable demands meet the cold indifference of the world, she finds herself in an extremely unenviable position. Her claims cause laughter and pity, which inevitably reduces its value to society. And she can no longer demand -- she has to ask. As a result, the "three" often have to take what they give. This may be low-paid work, and extremely unhappy marriage, and the precarious position of the person on the content. If the threat of such a prospect is already looming on the horizon, a person needs to urgently correct his self-esteem, come to terms with himself. And to realize the existing potential in stages, trying to bring into my life at least some semblance of stability.

Ruling Panet Jupiter
Colors Purple, Lilac, Mauve
Gemstones Amber, Amethyst, Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Dolomite, Herkimer Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Morganite, Pyrite, Ruby, Pink Sapphire, Sardonyx, Sugilite, Blue Topaz, Black Tourmaline, Tsavorite

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