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Gender Female Brooklyn
Origin: English Meaning: Water; stream.

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BrooklynAccording to numerology, Brooklyn is associated with the number 4. The number of personality 4 is an ambiguous indicator. At first glance, a person consists of some advantages -- diligence, reliability, diligence and responsibility. No lie ideas, no fantastic projects. Everything is reasonable, competent and accurate. Another question: what is all this for? What inner impulses correspond to such manifestations of personality? And here two options are possible.

Character of People with Personality Number 4

The first is just a program. The man of "four" is not looking for any other happiness than family, stable income and small everyday joys. And he understands that this is possible only under the condition of the faithful fulfillment of the duties assumed. What he does. It's okay but there is another option.

The Fate of Person with Personality Number 4

The number of personality 4 in numerology is an indicator of the ability to move clearly and consistently towards the intended goal. And all would be fine if this goal is not tracing from the fate of a person who is "more fortunate" in life. Since in this case, the basis of motivation, and therefore -- the external manifestations of man is a banal envy. And this is the road to nowhere, the eternal pursuit of a shadow, a nightmare covering not only the man himself, but all his loved ones. Not a moment of peace, not a drop of joy -- just endless self-torture and dissatisfaction. Unfortunately, this disease is almost incurable. If you are offended by fate, it will be very difficult to "make peace". But trying is necessary. First of all, more attention should be paid to the immediate needs of others. If envy helped to achieve some results, then why not improve your karma by using them for good?

Ruling Panet Uranus
Colors Blue, Grey
Gemstones Ametrine, Bloodstone, Danburite, Emerald, Glass, Lead, Mochi Balls, Moonstone, Pumice, Clear Quartz, Black Sapphire, White Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Silver, Sodalite, Strombolite, Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, Zircon

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